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Terms and Conditions

the content of our website is put together with great care. However, we do not accept any liability for any content or changes made. Only the details mentioned in the booking confirmation are binding.

The rental agency reserves the right at all times to request the guests to show a valid ID, refuse a booking request or make additional rental terms and conditions.

Oral agreements and / or commitments by the rental agency are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing.

Arrival and departure
the arrival and departure days specified on your contract are binding. By later arrival or earlier departure, the tenant is not entitled to a refund of the rent. Later arrival and arrival on Sundays is possible but only after consultation.

Upon departure you must leave the house cleared up; swept clean, with empty bins, glass and plastic bottles are removed, kitchen cleaned with clean dishes, dishwasher and refrigerator are emptied.

Duration of stay

all agreements concern a rental agreement which is of a short duration, i.e. intended for temporary use of the property as a holiday home. The lease agreement therefore only applies for the periods specified in this agreement. There is no right to rent protection and the tenant is obliged to leave the rent at the end of the term.

Bring yourself
the tenant is obliged to use, rent or bring suitable bedding. The houses do not supply kitchen towels and towels, unless stated otherwise.


it is strongly forbidden to smoke in any of the house. By violation access to the house can be denied.

Youth rentals

in a limited number of homes, young people (under the age of 26) are allowed. Rental can only in consultation with the rental agency. If the tented turns are a group of young people who did notified the agency in advance, it will leads to immediate termination of the contract, access to the house will be denied. In such scenario there will not be entitlement to compensation.


the tenants may be requested by the owner / manager to leave the rented property immediately; if property is abused, or in case of complaints from nearby residents. The tenant is not entitled to a refund of the rent paid.

Number of tenants

the rental object may not be occupied by more people as agreed. The agreed amount includes children and babies. Use of the holiday home by more persons than stated in the contract leads to immediate termination of the contract without entitlement to compensation.

Pets are only allowed when it is stated in the rental contract. It is forbidden to allow pets in the bedroom(s). You need to bring coverings to protect the furniture. Additional costs may be charged if hair is found on furniture or bedding or when due to the pets a very high level of cleaning is required.

the tenant declares to be familiar with the location, layout and condition of the accommodation. If something is wrong with your booked holiday home, we ask you to report this directly to the rental agency at the start of your stay or start of the undesirable situation. The rental agency will try to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the tenant as far as this is possible. The rental agency is not obliged to address any complaints when they are not reported directly.

Complaints reported after the rental period are no longer being considered.

The tenant must at all times give the landlord the opportunity to make an appropriate solution to the complaint.

The rental agency assumes you have a travel and cancellation insurance, or take any risks of cancellation on your own. You must also have legal liability insurance that is valid during the rental period.

You can only cancel your booking in writing. If you cancel the booking, you will be charged the booking fee and the following amounts:

- More than 91 days before arrival: 20% of the rent amount
- From 90 days to 61 days before arrival: 50% of the rent amount
- From 60 days to 31 days before arrival: 75% of the rent amount
- From 30 days to 14 days before arrival: 90% of the rent amount
- Less than 14 days before arrival, or no message: Total rent amount

Cancellation by the rental agency

Should the rental agency not be able to realize the booking by unforeseen circumstances, the rent already paid will be returned. Further claims on the part of the tenant in this case are expressly excluded.

Booking / Payment
Payment terms are stated on your booking confirmation. If, despite the prior written notice, the tenant fails to comply with his or her payment obligation within a period of two weeks after the written notice, the rental agency has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without prejudice to the rental agency right to full payment of the agreed price.

The rental agency reserves the right to ask for a deposit, which must be paid in advance or upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded on departure after inspection, or returned to your bank account.

The tenant is responsible for the proper treatment of the accommodation and the inventory during his stay. Any house rules applicable to your accommodation are an integral part of your rental agreement.

The tenants are fully liable for damage to the property during the stay and damage and / or loss of inventory arising from the tenants or group of tenants. The tenant is obliged to report the damage immediately to the rental agency. This damage must then be fully reimbursed. Also, the landlord reserves the right to charge the damage incurred afterwards.

The rental agency is not responsible for theft, personal property damage and the consequences of accidents that occur in or near the house.

The rental agency is not liable for the consequences of extreme weather or other forms of force majeure.

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