Horse on Holiday

  • LocationRiding School "Manege Noot" between Callantsoog and Julianadorp
  • Facilities4*-FNRS equestrian center, two indoor arena's, large boxes
  • DetailsPossibility to ride on beach, private trail course
  • Distance1,5 km from the Dunes and the North Sea beach
  • Outside1 outdoor arena, two cleaning sites, solarium and roundpin
The Horse & Vacation Package
In cooperation with Riding School “Manege Noot” in Callantsoog, LekkerNaarZee provides the arrangement Horse & Holidays. The Netherlands has many beautiful places to ride horses, but riding on the beach remains a unique experience. If you would like to go out for horseriding during your vacation, you can indicate this using the form below or while booking your holiday home. We will than contact you to make further arrangements.
The Riding School
Manege Noot Callantsoog is a 4*-FNRS riding school just 1.5 km from the beach, right in the beautiful North Holland landscape between Callantsoog and Julianadorp. The riding school has about forty own horses and ponies for lessons and rides. There are two large indoor halls, an outdoor arena and spacious stalls for the horses. There is a great trail, 2 cleaning sites, a solarium and a roundpin. Along with the cozy bar the riding one has a completely experience.

- Helmet and riding boots are obligatory at the stables, if you enter the grounds of the riding school or during an activity you are required to wear a helmet and boots. These are for rent as well.

Wenn you come out for riding the school has an Holiday house for rent, this is Villa Noot. More information on the house can be found here: Villa Noot. When you would like to stay at his house, you can also specify if you would like horseback riding and / or want to bring your own horse on holiday.
Horse or pony riding
If you would you like go out for horse rinding during your vacation, or if you want to take a few lessons you can do so at the Riding school “Manege Noot”. If you are more experienced one may besides lesson and / or horseback riding at the stables, also go out for free ride in the countryside or on the beach. Nearby are several bridleways, but at the riding school they can tell you more about this.

When you, or one of your family members would like to take a riding lessons or rent a horse, you can best let us know during the processes of booking your holiday. We will then contact you for further details, wishes and needs. Below you’ll can find more information about the cost of the various activities like an hour riding.
Free Riding
You arrange a day and time with the riding school, on which you yourself can ride in the indoor arena or the outdoor track. This is under the supervision of our staff.
Riding lessons
When you choose for riding lesson there are several possibilities. You can ride in a Dutch lesson when there is place. Or you can arrange a private lesson (on top of the rent of the horse there is an additional amount for the instruction) For children between 2 and 6 years without riding experience the parents must walk beside the pony. You can also rent a pony for ½ hour.

If you want a real riding holidays we recommend to book a house near the school. We rent several nice vacation houses near the school, in Julianadorp and on the Sandepark Groote Keeten. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.
Horseback riding on the beach
Riding through the dunes, on the beach and through the surf. From September 1st till April 30th horseback riding is allowed all day on the beach of Callantsoog and Julianadorp. From 1 May till late September access on the beach is only allowed until 09.00 in the morning and after 19:00 in the evening. During this period, riding off the beach or on the grounds of the riding school is of course allowed all day.

The Riding School “Manege Noot” organizes various summer beach rides under supervision and in groups. A precondition is that you are at least 12 years and have plenty of riding experience. This is because horses and ponies may react different on the beach than in an arena. The beach is very large, and if one horse runs off, you can assume that the rest will follow, besides you do not want to get injured during you holiday.

An instructor will, during a mandatory lesson, approves if your skills are sufficient to participate in the beach ride. This test run can take place in a group or private lessons. If your skills are sufficient, you may participate.

- The groups are divided by level, and ponies and horses groups.
- The journey takes about 2 hours.
- With bad weather there are no beach rides
- On Sundays and holidays are no beach rides

The beach trips start in the morning at 07.30 and you will be back at 09.30 (you must be at the equestrian center a half hour before the start) This is because in the period of May 1st till October 1st horses are not allowed at the beach during the day. And there is nothing better than to start your summers day with an early morning ride on the beach ride and enjoy the tranquility.

When booking your holiday, you can specify whether you want to reserve a beach ride. Upon arrival at LekkerNaarZee you can then make further arrangements.
With own horse on holiday
It is possible to take you own horse on holiday, when booking at LekkerNaarZee.  You can now take your own horse for a ride on the beach and through the dunes. At the equestrian center “Manege Noot” it is possible to stable your horse or pony during your holiday. Your horse is then taken care of by yourself and by qualified employees.

When you have stabled your horse at the center one is allowed the ride on the beach year around and one does not need license.

The price mentioned below includes all costs including food and cleaning. If you want to take your own horse on vacation, we kindly request you to mentioned the number of horses you would like to take with you.

As coverage straw is used, and for food grass silage. There is a possibility to have a box with flax. If your horse / pony cannot eat grass silage you are requested to take your own food.
 Beach ride (2 hour)
 € 37,50
 per person
 € 15,-
 per hour
 € 16,50
 per hour
 Stable own horse € 22,50
 per day
 Helmet and boots
 € 1,-
 per hour

Direct aanvragen

* obligatory

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